Subchrist Software

This website is home of some of the greatest tools that have been developed for the Commodore 64. Some of their tools include Char Pad and Sprite. I have listed each below for review and reference. You can visit their website Github>here.

Char Pad

Below is a great website where you can download a popular tool called Char Pad. This tool allows you to create your own maps that can be exported into a game. You can also import other Commodore 64 maps for editing. subchrist.jpg

Sprite Pad Tutorial

This tool allows you to create your own sprites that can be exported into the VICE C64 emulator. You can make single or multicolor sprites, rotate them, and even design animation sequences that can be viewed in a Player.

Char Pad Tutorial

I created this video when I was starting to get a handle on using Char Pad. This tutorial walks you through how to create, export, and load a map into CBM Prg Studio which can be run using the VICE C64 emulator. The code is written in assembly language.

Sprite Pad - Google Hangouts

Below is a video that was created when I first started learning how to use Sprite Pad. Thanks to Bo I was able to quickly develop and upload a sprite to use in a demo. After this I became addicted to this tool and have used it ever since.

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