Commodore 64 Very Basic Tutorials

This series introduces concepts you will need to know in order to obtain a good grasp on Basic programming. It covers material from the book C64 User's Manual.

Commodore 64 Reverse Code Engineering

Commodore 64 Machine Language Project

My Computer Journey

Other Commodore 64 various categories

You can also view several other popular videos below on sprites, project examples, VICE C64 Tutorial, My Commodore 64 Story, and My First Game Submission for LoadStar.

Sprites and Screen Saving

This video is a great example of how to load Commodore 64 sprites using the SpritePad tool into Basic. It also demonstrates a redefined, multicolor character set for the display background.

Project Examples

My Commodore 64 Story

My First Game Submission (LoadStar)

This was the very first successful game submission that was received by a disk-magazine company called LoadStar back in 1996. I was paid $350 for a graphical, text-adventure called Quest for the Mad Bomber.

Commodore 64 Dancing Mouse

Relive the days of watching that dancing Commodore 64 sprite across the screen. In the video below I explain how the code works and you can also visit that website tutorial here. This retro program was found in the original book the Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide. I edited the sound code out for simplicity.

Commodore 64 Basic Program Listings

For those who may not know there pages exist on this site where you can view hundreds of C64 programs such as Basic games, machine language games, sound, music, and so much more. Click here. to view that page. Also you can click on any of the pictures below to see that specific page. Enjoy!

Custom Search

Choosing an Emulator for the Atari or Commodore 64

In order to write and run your own Basic or Machine Language programs (games) you will need to download an emulator. For the Atari you can download Altirra. For the Commodore 64/64C you can download WinVICE C64. Watch the video below to learn how to use VICE C64.

VICE C64 Tutorial

CBM Prg Studio (Assembly Language Editor)

For the Commodore 64 fans I begun working on a new page for CBM Prg Studio. Click here to view that page.

For those who were following the scrolling game I began working on last year in 2015, I have now included some explanations of how I managed to do this. I hope later to evolve this into a deeper explanation of the code when I get more time. You can view that page here.

Amiga 500 history

I also added new videos from YouTube showing some of the history of the Commodore 64, commercials, Jim Butterfield, and the last days at the Amiga 500 factory. You can view those below or by clicking on the Commodore 64 menu. Feel free to view that here.

The Amiga 500 videos for the factory liquidation and other things can be found here.

Pirates of Silicon Valley (Clips)

I have put the clips in order so you can watch them. Otherwise you will have to do numerous YouTube searches to put it in order.

This video tracks the history of the personal computers from corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, and Apple.

Below are some famous clips from the movie

New YouTube Projects Page

I have created a page below devoted to my YouTube subscribers who want to showcase their Atari, C64, Java, C++, C#, projects. I am open to other languages as well. Since this website has been getting a steady flow of traffic I felt it was time to give back to the community. So I will be promoting your work at the page link below.

The channel is found at: YouTube Projects

Programmer content you will find here

Welcome to my website. This website will aid the .NET programmer that is looking for real-life SQL examples,Visual Studio 2010 ASP.NET example,Master page setup, object oriented programming, LINQ to SQL, and other basics such as learning HTML. I provide you also with walkthroughs on learning the user interface in Visual Studio 2010. My vision is to maintain a focus on the latest .NET technology and stay consistent with tools as I learn them. I welcome your feedback on on questions and suggestions you may have about this site. There is a lot packed into this website so please feel free to explore at your leisure.

New section to VBA Word 2010 Tutorials can be found here. This page will introduce you to some VBA Word 2010 concepts I taught myself in 2011.

Keep up to date with any new information added to this site, which includes fresh tutorials on web design for the beginner and intermediate. You will alsobe alerted of any new tutorial videos added to my Youtube Page.

Please note: I do not sell your email list to the public and your information will be kept in strict confidentiality. Subscribe to our newsletter

Excel Tutorials

View the new Excel tutorials here. By the request of a good friend,I was asked if I knew anything about Excel 2010. I spent the entire day rehashing, researching, and re-learning a once, forgotten trade. The first part focuses on some of the common used formulas in the industry. The formulas (functions) demonstrated are SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN, MOD, INT, INDEX, VLOOKUP, IFERROR, CONCATENATE, IF, IF(COUNT, COUNTIF (less/greater than), SUMPRODUCT, HYPERLINK, and NOW.

ASP.NET Web Services: New

I finally put together some new content for ASP.NET developers. I have often been interested in learning how Web Services work over the Internet and thus this page was born. You can visit it here. There is an example there that shows how to find out the weather in any state by it's zip code.

Getting Started (Beginners)

The video below will show you the .NET/C# walkthrough and sitemap. This website is helpful for students in web design courses. There is also information in these pages to help you setup a hosting service and guides on using ASP.NET. Just click on the Website Hosting tab on the left or this link for more details.

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