Lemon 64

This is one of the best places to hangout whenever you are trying to grow your knowledge of the Commodore 64. Their is a great wealth of information and a massive community that hangs out here daily. In the Forums their current categories include General, Games, games Competitions, Help & Support, Emulators, Scene, New Releases, Supermarket, Protovision, and RGCD/Psytronik.

There is also a section they title Off-Topic. Categories there include Other 8-bit Commodore computers, Member introductions, and Chit Chat.

Scene - Community

I have spent many hours and a lot of time connecting with various individuals on this site. My favorite hang out is in the Scene category. I have met a lot of hard core assembly language programmers that have helped me widen my understanding of the Commodore 64.

c# loops

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