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New website updates

Click on the video below to see the new changes implemented into this website as of November 16, 2016. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!

Contact Page

If you have any questions regarding the material or content on this site you can notify me either by email or typing a message into the submission form below. I will typically try to respond back within 24 hours as time is allotted to me.


I am also open for suggestions to this site since I keep an open mind.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your time here. Use the first form to submit a request to me directly and the form below that to send an email instead. It will open up your email client where you can send the message to me. My email is ProgrammingMadeEasy8859 at


You can also leave feedback on my YouTube channel. Either click the YouTube button at the top of this page or you can visit that page here

Questions? Ask Here

I can imagine that people will have questions since programming and developing web sites is no small chore I can assure you. However I have programmed with computers since 1986 so I can usually get you some type of reasonable answer. Please be sure the question is regarding a language on this site such as C#, C++, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, Java, etc. I will respond back as soon as I can. Also notice that a Comment can be left at the bottom of any page now. Just look for the section titled above that says Questions? Ask Here

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