Creating a Banner

In this example you will learn how to create a similar banner found on my website step by step. It is actually easier than you imagined and only requires using the Paint tool that is installed with Windows. Here is an example of that banner seen at the top of every page.

Microsoft Paint

First open up Microsoft Paint. The easiest way to find it is to click the Windows Start menu at the bottom of the desktop and in the search area type paint. You can also find it by choosing, All Programs, Accessories,and then click on the Paint icon. Here is what your desktop should look like now.

how to make a banner ad


Next click on the Paint icon next to Brushes. It looks like thiscreate a banner

You can use this paint tool to fill in any color you want in the white space. However to make this duplicate our banner, we will need to select a custom color. Click on the icon that says Edit colors. In the Red area on the left enter a 3. In the Green area enter 124. Finally in the Blue area enter 203.Here is what your screen should now look like.

create a banner

When you click on OK the background white area with populate with thenew customized color. Now we will add some text.

Adding text

Directly below the View tab is an icon that looks like create a banner Click on this icon and move the cursor to the center of the blue area.You will see an area where you can enter text. Make sure to change the text color by clicking ona color bar. In this example I used yellow. Enter a title such as My new Web Page.When you are finished it may look like this.

create a banner

Highlight the text area. Then click on the Text tab. Change the font size to 28. Then grab the ends of the text window and enlarge it to surround the text. When finished it may look like the following picture.

create a banner

Adding Images

Now we are going to add images to spice up the banner. Here are someof the images I have found on Google. You can search for images (such as an iphone 5).Then use the Snipping Tool (see area that says Save As Image) to copy the image to be saved as a JPG (JPEG) or whatever type of format you want. Here are some of the images I will be using.

create a banner how to make a banner for a website how to create banner ads banners in html make free banner

Dragging and Dropping Images

Open up a new Microsoft Paint application and then click on the File selector. It is on the left and looks like a down arrow. In my example I will be searching my hard drive forthe image called JavaScript.JPG to add to the banner. In the background you can see the oldMicrosoft Paint with our original text banner. The window on top contains the current screenshot.

how to create banners

Copying and Pasting the Image

Click on the Image icon and choose Select. Your cursor will change to across hairs. Position your mouse on the far upper left hand corner of the image. While holdingdown the left mouse button surround the image with a dotted box.

Next click on the Clipboard icon and select Copy. The image is now saved.Open up the earlier Microsoft Paint Document and press Control V (for Paste).The earlier JavaScript image now appears over the picture. Your screen may look like this now.

create a banner

Moving the Image

Position your mouse on top of the JavaScript.JPG image. You will see adouble cross hair icon that looks like a cross with arrows attached on each end. This indicates that you can reposition an image that it is hovered over. Press and hold down the left mouse button and you will be able to move it around the screen.Place it to the far right of the text "My new Web Page" as demonstrated here.

create a banner

To finish the banner add more images by rereading above at the part that says Dragging and Dropping Images. Repeat with each new image until you have a banner that looks similar to the following.

create a banner

Save the Image

Be sure to finally save the image to your hard drive and upload it to your favorite web server. Creating a banner has never been easier.I hope you enjoyed this session as much as I did in creating it for you.

The new banner

Congratulations on finishing this section. I hope you enjoyed learninghow to create a simple banner using Microsoft Paint. Here is that banner.

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