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Hello my name is Steve Morrow. I am the owner and administrator of this site. It is my sincerest desire to teach you everything possible about website design. When I once was a small business owner I used to tell my clients, "Programming is like food. Once you get a taste of it, you can never get enough."

I would highly recommend however to start with the basics on this website. Find a good tutorial book, such as "For Dummies" and see what you can learn. Also keep in mind that the technical world is evolving fast so doing your homework and staying consisting with changes in the industry will have the most benefits.

I learned programming on an Atari 65XE computer in 1986 using Basic and Assembly language. Eventually I enrolled at the University of Akron in Ohio and starting getting into more in depth programming. That is where I learned about flowcharts, program design, and thinking it through concepts. I graduated from DeVry university with my Bachelor of Computer Science in October 2011. My track focus was in Web Development in Computer Information Systems.

Be passionate about your work

A good programmer has a great passion in any type of work they are developing. If you don't believe me look at an Apple computer. You can see that they will go great lengths to perfecting their work. This also gets a satisfaction from their customer because they know the engineers did not rush the product.

Therefore it is important to like what you do. It's kind of like your employment. If you are not happy with where your work, it will show in the results. The same thing is about a good program. If you take the time to design a neat, logical, and visually attractive program you will get a sense of pride from it.

Stay diligent

To become successful in programming you must exercise your programming skills daily. After all Mozart didn't start out to be a wonderful musician, Nikola Tesla did not progress alternating currents in junior high. It took a lot of trial and error for these founders to advance their skills. The same thing is with computer programming. You will stumble and fall, but the person who stays consistent with practice will excell. Don't ever give up.

For students

If you are a student at a university struggling with computer programming then please know that I will try to assist you every way that I can. I am currently working on more user friendly guides and a soft approach to the arcane world of computer programming. When you first look at a computer program and start typing in what appears to be foreign language or morse code it can be very intimiating. I have been in the same boat. However I promise you it is possible to learn it. I recommend starting with the beginner tutorials on this site. Later I will be creating a section specially for those who have never used a computer before to try to break the tension of warming up to a computer.


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