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Building an effective resume

One of the fundamental tasks you will need to complete before searching for a Software career is to build an effective resume. This page is not meant to teach you how to build a resume, but instead you can view my resume here to get an example.

A good resume is meant to stand out so make sure you use targetted keywords that the search engines can locate like or When I first posted my resume, I had to tweak it many times to get the results I needed. The idea is that Recruiters use job search engines to look for likely candidates. So when you resume is capturing key words pertinent to their search, they will have a higher probability of locating your resume. I know this is a fact because if I post my resume online these days I will suddenly be bombarded by a horde of Recruiters. I don't mean that in a negative way, but once you get their attention they will call a lot, often out of your jurisdiction.

For Students and Junior Developers

I graduated from Devry University last year with a Bachelor of Computer Science. I landed my first job for a small company about 3 months out of college. The one thing I want to stress is that your first job will not be the position you will be for the rest of your life unless you are lucky. I went through many different positions during my time as a Software Developer and ended up as a contractor.

Enhance your technical knowledge

It is a primary important to keep your technical knowledge and skills up to date in your selected field. As a Software Developer I would often force myself to learn new concepts and methodologies to keep up with any questions asked during interviews. The best thing to do have a strong grasp on object oriented principles (Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance) as those are asked very often. You will also need to have knowlege of .NET, know the difference between the server and the client. I can produce a whole list, but I think you get the point.

The hardest lesson you will learn is that when an employer is looking for a Junior .NET Developer, Programmer, or something related they are not actually looking to hire an intern out of college with no work experience. I learned this the hard way when I landed a position at a school district and found out it was meant for a Senior Programmer not someone just learning the ropes. However I did use that job to learn as much as I could before I moved on.

Get a job as a Software Developer

I created this video last year when I started getting some experience with job leads and had already worked as a Software Developer. It is my hope that you too will have the same success. I cannot promise it will be easy if you are first starting out, but you must be very persistent and maintain a business attitude.

Compile a list of Recruiters

When I was still employed as a Software Developer and often looking for a new position I created a list of Recruiters I had the best success and contact with. This is very important as many times you may get a lead, but never hear from the Recruiter and have difficulty reaching them again (or lose their phone number). So make sure to get a notepad, use a Word document, and make a note of every Recruiter that has provided the best results to date, which usually resulted in an interview.

My Job Station

In my last position as a contractor, I finally had a decent desk out of all of the other places I worked. So I thought I'd include this as a screenshot. Note: This was originally on my title page, but I have moved it since it seemed out of place.

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Closing Thoughts

I sincerely hope this information has helped you in one way or the other. Whether you are an experience Software Developer or just getting started, I wish you the best of success and strongly advise to watch the video above to see the path I took during my journey.

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