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Click on the video below to see the new changes implemented into this website as of November 16, 2016. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!

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Hello reader! I want to personally welcome you to my website. Here you will find a vast amount of content for the Atari, Commodore 64, Web Page Design, ASP.NET development, Excel, VBA, and much more.

Each category is divided by the corresponding menu headers on the left.


For those who are interested in the Commodore 64 articles I'd like to inform you that I am currently working on a new post to explain how I created various parts of the game Spaced Out. I began this project several years ago. It is written in assembly language using the CBM Prg Studio editor. The game runs inside of the VICE C64 emulator. The game story involves an alien fleet that hijacked a spaceship kidnapping those aboard. Word gets out to you (the space commander) and your journey involves fighting off hostile aliens in search of the lost crew.

When you click on the section Commodore 64 it loads the main C64 page where you can watch the YouTube videos I made, learn how to create a simple assembly language sprite example, watch some Amiga 500 videos I made, download my C64 Game Design eBook, and read about a game hack in Pitfall 2 I discovered back in 1989. On that page also is a section dedicated to some emulator examples and a few download links for code snippets. Then there is a massive section below the PDF download that will allow you to view Commodore 64 Basic and assembly language screenshots of code I extracted in screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

At the website there are also articles written for Atari Basic. You will code and videos for a game I wrote back in 1991 called "Deadman". It was written in assembly language. Be sure to check out the link below. I also spent some time creating videos for the Atari Altirra emulator. I wrote multiple Atari Basic program examples that are worth checking out. There is also a section for some Atari software title videos such as Panther, Pole Position, and Super Huey. In that section you will find some video examples for the Atari SPACE magazine. Finally there is an Atari Extras section that shows some components review, promos, and a video where I showed off my entire Atari hardware collection (disks, books, etc).

Around the year 2000 I began work on some Qbasic program examples. This resulted in a few games such as Mazes of Misery, Talbot's Vision (RPG), and Mystery in New York (graphic/text adventure).

Game Development

In 2009 I spent some time learning Microsoft c++ utilizing the Dark GDK SDK by the Game Creators. At first I started creating terrain demos that came included with the download. After this I spent some time reverse engineering the Dark Dungeons game and created my very first 3D game. It contained a model set that was included with the Game Creators software and I created my own tiles by pasting background images onto the models (blocks). The link for Dark GDK Tutorials are where I explain step by step how I created the game demo.

In the home page there is a category called Java 2D Gaming. I found a YouTube channel online called Indie Developer. I spent over a month watching all of his tutorial videos and when I was done I began work on my very first Java RPG which I called Mazes of Misery (named after the Qbasic original). The game scrolls in all directions over a large map. The player can walk around, jump, fall off cliffs, and can even skip over level sections. The game also includes animation of enemies and water falls. The web page below also shows the tools I used to build this. I surrendered defeat later when I realize that Java applets were no longer going to work in a web browser. Still it was fun learning.

Software (Business)

For .NET Developers I have several examples for some simple form designs I created. I provide code examples you can learn from and copy for your benefit. There is also a section for the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and some examples there. When I was a Web Developer I created those page examples to use as a selling point for my interviews with recruiters.

The HTML section shows how to learn the Hypertext Markup Language. This is a very basic example and provides old school examples. However anyone wanting to learn how to create a web page must start with the basic principles first and then eventually move onto more advanced stuff. There is also a section where I demonstrate how to make your own web page banner. Finally I provide an example that shows how to get started with your own Web Hosting so you can begin to upload images and code to a server. My selection has always been Bluehost.

The Mobile section is still under construction. This was created when I was employed as a Mobile Developer back in 2013.

The SQL section was added here when I was trying to promote my skills to recruiters and needed a fast link since they often got lost in the site. It includes various examples of SQL Server and how to get started with database development.

Object Oriented Design

In the Object Oriented Design section I provide code examples in .NET C# to show how to create your own classes, conditions, constructors, inheritance, loops, and how operators work. This was again a promotional section when I was soft-selling my skills while seeking first time employment after graduating from college in 2011.

Game Modding

The Game Modding section includes example video from my days of hacking Grand Theft Auto 4 and Half Life. When Grand Theft Auto IV was released in 2009 for the PC I discovered a Script Hook in c++ that allows me to use Visual C++ to create my own native names. This handled me control over the game objects that I can manipulate for my own pleasure. So I fanatically began creating mods that allowed my player to fly, blow up other people, make my player invincible, control gravity around my player, spawn vehicles and pedestrians, manipulate gravity of the pedestrians, and much, much more.

The Half Life section includes a few example videos where I created my own game maps by utilizing a toolkit called the OrangeBox. In early 2000 Value created a game known as Half Life that became the most addictive game of it's time.

Windows 2010 Projects

In the Windows2010 Projects area I added an Excel tutorial for those wanting to dig beneath the surface and create their own formulas and manipulate calculation cells.

The next section here is titled VBA Word 2010. Here you will learn how to use Visual Basic Applications to create your own macros that control input from a pop up form. There are various code examples included here for your learning enjoyment. After I started learning VBA I eventually created two projects. The first one was called Focus and was used while I was in the finance industry. The second one is called FastNote, which is a comment scripting tool that can do so much more. It has the ability to search through checkboxes to find matching data in textboxes by referencing an Access database to retrieve this information. There are functions built within that send calls to the database to control scrolling within the project.

Web Design Careers

The Last section is called Web Design Careers. Here you can learn how to prepare yourself for work in the Software/Web Development industry. This was added when I was working as a contractor and learning from many mistakes. Often this resulted in getting terminated and helped me grow as a Developer in those days.

The final category is for career preparation. I created this area to showcase all of the software projects I created. There is the Focus and FastNote VBA projects and examples of other ones I implemented while working in the industry.

I hope this wasn't too long. The goal here is to enhance your understanding of what this website is all about.

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