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This page highlights all of the projects I have worked on and completed since 2011.

Bank of America: Focus (May 2011)

This project was developed to speed up my daily tasks when I worked for the Fraud Department at the bank. The application serves as a concatenator of stringing together lists of information that was sentto the main comments window. It also had a browser connected to the bank's systems, color customization, and could open up windows using an APIhandler.

It was developed using Visual Basic Applications (VBA)since that was the only software tool I had access to at the bank.

software project

software project

Devry Senior Project (Aug-Oct 2011)

This is one of the first projects I created for an onlineclass at my school. I was assigned as the team lead of about 4 people.We used Visual Basic.NET to develop a Staffing system login site from aset of Requirements.

Peoria School Distict: Student contact project(April - July 2012)

The idea behind this project was to allow a teacher toupdate a student's information using CRUD. It was developed using ASP.NET/C#and established a SQL connection using a GridView control to retrieve records.

ICM Document Solutions: Employee Onboard Project(Oct - Dec 2012)

This project was created by the IT Director to allow theonboarding of a new employee into the company. It provided the ability to exchange emails using a hosting service that received it's information froman API interface using Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 on the backend.

The forms were uploaded into a hosting service that userscould sign into. The second screenshot example is the IT Department loginform. All of the forms used a SQL connection that communicated messagesthrough the company's website known as ViewCenter.

software project

software project

AKDHC (Arizona Kidney Disease and Hypertension Center) (May - June 2013)

During my time there, I worked as a Mobile Developer where I was required to convert VB.NET to C#, while designing screens to work on mobile devices. The project was for a major conversion over to accepting many other phone devices. The software languages used were C#, Jquery, and JavaScript. It was powered by a web forms that translated information from Visual Studio to a Kendo UI.

PayPal Project - FastNote (Nov 2014 - March 2015)

This project was developed in VBA in an effort to enhance my performance as a PayPal Credit Specialist and also it has the ability to search a database for linked queries. This enabled a user to quickly navigate to a document instead of having to search multiple layers of searches.

I eventually received permission from our Customer Service Lead to pilot it on my team. Later I gave a presentation on how to use it on a call.

The scope of the application searches through an array list using a SQL query. Once the item is found the system will force a screen scroll to the correct alphabetical category (in the box on the left). This idea came when I realized I needed a way to quickly notate a script by clicking on a checkbox. Before this the user was limited to scrolling through a mass list of entries.

It also can be used to record scripted notes to track calls. I did this while I was learning what common things occured on a call to include in the database. The system can also perform a lookup to narrow down specific calls such as (payments, declines, promotions, fraud, etc. Finally the database can be turned off when not in use to reduce system lag.

The green form is used to quickly search through Microsoft Outlook's inbox to organize folders. This saved a lot of time trying to move email items to folders and sorts of the overload that is common on company email servers. Although it runs a little slow, it still manages eventually to create the folders I need and display a list of the items that were successfully moved.

software project

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