Learn Java Free

Welcome to your free Java tutorials. Here you will find several Java videos that utilize Eclipse to enhance your programming skills. This simple Java course should well find you on your way to eventually mastering common techniques in Java.

I want to learn Java

Then look no further to learn about Java programming. In this video below I provide some of the basics of learning Eclipse. These tutorials are aimed at the Java beginner. I hope this teaches you how to learn to code with Java.

Learn to code programs - Integers

In this Java example I teach how to use Integers in the main method involving some simple math. It is my desire that this online free tutorial helps escalate you to learn to code with Java.

Learn programming basics - Doubles

This session continues on teaching you how to use Java doubles in this online Java tutorial. The central concept is understanding that numbers (Integers) do not have decimals in them, but doubles do.

Java Strings

In this lesson you will learn how to code Java Strings in your program. The main thing to know is that Strings do not contain any numbers (for calculation). They will also print exactly what is shown between the quotes in Java.

Java programming video tutorial - For Loops

Now you will learn how to code for loops in Java. Think of a for loop as a long list of numbers that you can count through. So for example for x=0 to 10 will count 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 exactly. This Java loop cycles through your code to increase values, which is popular for math and calculations.

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