Java Game Development (Basics)

If I can share any information with you of what I've learned about game design is to first and foremost have an idea from start to finish. Create a game on paper of what you what the game mechanics to be like (RPG, adventure, etc), create a plot (purpose of the game/how to win), create the game characters (wizards, monsters, etc). Probably the most important aspect is to have a good story (plot).

Game Addiction

When I created Mazes of Misery years ago I thought to myself of what would make a game most interesting. I noticed other RPGs I have played online at the time. What intrigued me most was getting stuck in one part of a maze, platform etc and being barred entry until the time was right. Placing a door as a barrier serves this purpose. Also having the ability for the player to see on the other side (through a window, etc) adds to the anticipation of what lies ahead. That was why I created the locked doors. This sends the player off on a quest to find the correct key that opens that door which in essence unlocks the next level.

c# loops

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