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New website updates

Click on the video below to see the new changes implemented into this website as of November 16, 2016. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!

1564 SDrive - Coming soon!

I have just ordered the SDrive 1564 LCD SD card interface this November 2016. It is shipping from Hungary and was delayed due to an address misunderstanding. Anyways it is due here in less than 10 days. If all goes well, I am going to upload these screenshots as accessible downloads. I'll try to create a page insert here when I get time. Yet I am busy with many things, including dedication to a full time YouTube channel while still working a 9-5 job. If you can please help me dedicate more time to this website by donating through PayPal above. Your patronage is highly appreciated and puts me one step closer to my goal of going full time with YouTube and this website. Thank you.

test drive

Machine Language Project - launch date: December 2, 2016

Don't miss out. There will be a gathering of a number of Commodore 64 users I have networked with over the years. They bring to the table a vast amount of knowlege for game design, C64 architecture, hardware, C64 demos, and much more. Watch the video to learn more. Hope to see you there on Friday! Our goal is to create a simulation that could evolve into a game. Get ready for the excitement of a lifetime!

Commodore VICE C64 emulator d64 disk image Downloads

On this page you will have access to download the files that are promoted on my Youtube channel. I have received a lot of feedback requesting for this page to exist so here it is. This will be another project to pursue, which involves uploading all of the Commodore 64 D64 images I have made a tutorial video for. So appreciate your patience as this page moves through construction.

This files were created with the VICE C64 (see picture below). By using this tool, you can write your own Commodore 64 Basic programs or just load in your favorite game. The files saved with the emulator are stored in a D64 format. The emulator is a great tool to use for those who do not own an actual Commodore 64C computer system.

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My channel deals with learning Basic and Assembly language for your Commodore 64 computer system. I like to reminisce about this classic system since it was such a breakthrough in graphics and sound in the early 80's. Anyway be sure to check out my channel subscription below. Finally I thank you for your interest.

Commodore 64 shareware

It has always been my desire that people learn how to write their own Basic programs. Please feel free to send me your program examples and I will upload them to this page. I did this in the past and welcome your submissions. You can email me at

Download VICE C64 D64 disk images

Commodore 64 Basic screenshots with code

Also feel free to explore the Commodore 64 screenshot examples below which are included with full access to the listings. You can use these whenever you need to compare on file to another. It saves a lot of LOADING back and forth.

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