Commodore 64 Hacks and Basic screenshots

Clicking on the first image 'Pitfall II Hacks' will allow you to learn how to hack into Pitfall II using the Final Cartridge III.

Clicking on the second image 'Game Screenshots (C64 Basic)' will show you a listing of Basic programs I typed in from magazines, and books. This is my collection dating back to the early 1990's.

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Commodore 64 Section

The focus of this page is to share some of my knowledge of the C64. There are also some downloads (D64 files) for the WinVICE C64 emulator. Finally at the bottom you can view all of my current videos found on Youtube for the Commodore 64. here.

C64 Tutorials

On my Youtube channel, you will also find content for programming in Basic and Assembly language usually using WinVICE C64. There are also older videos that teach the same thing for the Atari 8-bit computer. I have found that the channel is getting stronger now that I have a focus on the Commodore 64. So for now that will be my primary mission - providing helpful guides for new and advanced users for the Commodore 64.

WinVICE C64 Tutorial

Search for the video below called WinVICE C64: Turbo Assembler.You will learn how to use WinVICE to create and save your own Commodore Basic and assembly language programs. These programs are saved in a disk format called D64. So once you have that working you can use any of the D64 downloads on this page. Just look for the sections (links) that say D64.

Commodore 64 Emulator downloads

The links below will give you access to download the d64 (disk image) files I created using Turbo Assembler and Basic for the VICE C64 Emulator.

Download asm2.d64.

Download asmsprites.d64.

Download Commodore 64 Basic Multicolor Sprite Editor

Download Commodore 64 Learn Assembly Basics (word document).


Commodore 64 Ascii Characters

Learn how ASCII characters are generated on your Commodore 64 system.In this video you will also see how to plot your own screen graphics and even howto animate a character.

Download Commodore 64 Ascii Characters

Commodore 64 Game Design Part 1

This video begins the series on my game design for the C64. You will learn how the screen is constructed and how to move the player up/down ladders. Keep in mind this is in beta testing and is not complete yet. However as you follow this session, it will eventually involve into a full game.

Download Commodore 64 Game Design Part 1.

Commodore 64 Redefine Character Set

This video shows you how to change your Commodore 64 characters into your own graphic design. This was used commonly when publishers created their own commerical software back in the 80s and 90s. In this example I illustrate how this works on graph paper so you can learn how to calculate the math as well (not hard).

Download Commodore 64 Redefine Characters

Commodore 64 Basic Sprite Animation

This video provides an example of a sprite animation I recently created using an old sprite example. You will learn how to position a sprite, move a sprite, and animatethem.

Download Commodore 64 Basic Sprite Animation


Assembly Language Tips

This video was my attempt to teach someone how to program using 6510 assembly language for the Commodore 64. I created my own Word document to explain how the basic operands work and then provide examples in Basic to match it.

Assembly Sprite Demo

Learn how sprites are used in assembly language for the Turbo Assembler. It covers things like positioning sprites, moving them, how the animation works, changing their color, changing their size, collision detection, how to set the MSB for a sprite range , and more.

Assembly Language Game Review

I created this video one evening to show how the game "Spaced Out" was designed on the Commodore 64. Hopefully you will find some good tips in this one.

WinVICE C64: Turbo Assembler

This video will teach you how to get setup using the Turbo Assembler for WinVICE. There is also an assembly language game that I use to demonstrate how the editor works.

First Assembly Game (1992)

When I finally decided to go full force with the Commodore Assembler System I wrote this small game (demo) called "Spaced Out". I also copied the sprite data shapes from Pitfall to recreate the same character in my project.

Basic/Assembly Games (91-93)

In this video you can explore all of the games and demos I created when I first purchased my Commodore 64. A lot of them use Basic mixed with machine language data.

Commodore 64 Review

In this video you will learn about some of the basic components that make up the machine. There are also a few books that I thought deserved an honorable mention.

Commodore 64 Games and Demos

Watch the rest of the videos below if you want to see some of the Commodore 64 games that were on the market in those days. There are also some videos showing Loadstar games/applications and other disk titles I own.

Loadstar:Softdisk Publishing

Learn about some of the common Loadstar games that were present in the 1990s when the C64 was still a hot computer and disk subscriptions were blowing up.

Loadstar #124:Terminal City

This game captivated me because of the digitized soundtrack. It is great just to listen to. The game wasn't much to speak of unfortunately.

Caverns of Khafka

This game title had some catchy music. If you pay careful attention to the rhythm you will discover that it mirrors Super Huey by Paul Norman. I wonder if it is the same author?

Double Dragon

What more can be said about this game. It was definitely elite for its' time and even included two player compatibility.

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