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Amiga 500 Introduction

The author explains what the Amiga 500 computer was all about. The Commodore 64 was it's precursor and paved the way for it's 16 bit cousin. This video provides a review of Workbench 1.2 operating system that can bundled with it. He demonstrates a great knowledge of this system and I can feel his passion.

The Amiga 500 was a multitasking system that operated similar to Microsoft Windows. It was able to run various programs in the background while still managing various processes in the forefront.

Amiga 500

This area contains some Amiga 500 videos I uploaded on my YouTube channel. I spent about a year studying Amiga Basic back in the days, but eventually realized the interpreter was not going to be an industry standard.

Amiga 500 Commercial

This commercial was a breakthrough in the advancement of the Amiga 500 introducing the 16-bit chip of it's generation. Thanks to Motorola, Commodore 64 was able to assemble of the most eye catching graphic displays of it's time that was way ahead of it's generation. It is totally revolutionary. This is a nice promotional video that really demonstrated the capabilities of the system. It became quite popular among video technicians, artists, and musicians during that era. There were so many applications released that greatly expanded the power of this system. Although the Basic interpreter was not that great there was an amazing speech synthesizer that could reproduce words into phonetic sounds that emulated a real (although robotic) voice.

Amiga 500 Factory

This video is sad and shows the last days in the offices of a Commodore Amiga factory before it's liquidation on April 27, 1994. That factory is enormous! You can even still see some of the Amiga 500 computers in boxes. It is a great footage though and even shows the assembly line and some office workers. He even mentions where the popular Amiga magazine corridors were at. The camera motion is a little jittery, but I can feel the remorse of this employee. Competition is no one's friend, but the Amiga 500 and Commodore 64 now live in emulators (such as Win VICE C64) and will never be forgotten.

Amiga 500 Games

The following video highlights some of the Amiga 500 games I own and demonstrates some of the graphics capabilities. The games include After Burner, Alien Syndrome, F/A-18 Interceptor, F40 Pursuit Simulator, Out Run, the Amazing Spider-Man, Test Drive, Arachnophobia, Shadow of the Beast 1, Lemmings, Shadow of the Best II, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Hole-In-One.

Amiga 500 Connection

This video demonstrates an old school technique I used to hook up my Amiga 500 computer to my television. I never explained that in this video so people thought that I had literally lost my mind and was confused. I don't claim to be an electronics genius, but I figured I'd give it a go anyway. The funny thing is when you create videos of controversy they seem to get more views. Go figure.


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