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One way of increasing website traffic online is to enroll in a paid advertisement program such as (pronounced "Ad fly") allows you to create an online ad (campaign) that will appear for about 5 seconds everytime someone clicks on an adfly link. Now keep in mind that there are thousands of ads swarming the Internet through Adfly, but this service is able to rotate your campaign in there somehow. As a result I saw my traffic go from the regular 80 visits per day to nearly 85,000 within hours.

Setting up a Campaign

First you will need to register a new account at Then you will log in to create your first ad. Listed below you will see the main banner. Click on the icon that signs Create Campaign to get started.

Selecting a Campaign Bid

Before selecting a campaign, be sure to click on Interstitial Adverts. Using Banner Adverts or Pop Ads is a waste of money since people don't click those often. So listed below you will see the fields for Worldwide Deal, Proxy Traffic Deal, and a list of Countries. It is recommended to stay away from Proxy Traffic since your click through rate will be lower. I prefer to only use Worldwide Deal. Enter the number of traffic you want times one thousand. So for example if you want to generate 100,000 visits then enter 100 in the Purchase box.

Next scroll the page all the way to the bottom and click on the button that says "Click here to enter your website details" to proceed to the next step.

Enter your website details and budget

On this page you will enter the website for your campaign to target. Enter a Website Name (it doesn't matter what you type in). This is not used for targetting only for information display purposes. Then enter the Website URL (your website or Lead Page). A Lead Page is a page you use to capture email addresses and sale leads.

Finally enter the Max. Daily Budget ($) you want to spend for this advertisement. All of the other fields can be left blank, such as Mobile Targeting and Adobe Flash Enabled. Finally be sure to check the fields for Terms & Conditions and the Disclaimer.

When you are ready click on Pay Campaign. If you haven't set up a payment source yet the system will guide you to the next steps. You can also click on the Wallet icon in the banner at the top of the page. PayPal is also accepted through this merchant.

Proof of increased traffic

I utilize an email capturing service known as Get Response. Below you are witnessing a live example of the traffic I generated in under 1 day through Adfly by having my ads distributed all throughout the Internet. The visitors seen here represent the traffic at my website and the subscribers are the email addresses I saved in a list.

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