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Master Pages

This section will guide a new user of how to setup a master page for their project. A Master Page allows you to retain consistent content throughout your website. An advantage of this is having a single place where one change can reflect on all of the other pages. It prevents having to create repetitive layout designs.

Master Pages Video Tutorial

If you want to save some reading then you are welcome instead to watch this video.However the content was created since others claim the video didn't fulfill every need.

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Step 1: Create a new Web Application

In Visual Studio select File - New - Project. In the Name field you will name the web page. This example's name is MyFirstWebSite.

master page

If you click on the Design button you will see the Master page as shown below.

master page

Remember that this page has a ContentPlaceHolderID named HeadContent and MainContent.

master page

Next open the Site.master page and click on the Sourcebutton. Observe that this page also has a ContentPlaceHolder with a name of HeadContent. This page also has a reference to the Site.master on the label MasterPageFile.The Content ID is a control that links the master page to your web page (Default.aspx). Later you will embed html code inside that will be seen on all pages.

master page

Step 2: Add a second page to the site

In Visual Studio select File - New - Project. In this example I called it WebPage2.aspx and again you are free to select your own name.

master page

Step 3: Remove the html tags.

Change the content on this page so it looks like the below screenshot.The goal is to remove all of the title, head, body, form tags. Then you will embed your own asp controls and html code inside of the div tags as seen in this example.If some reason this screenshot is too small or unclear here is the text for this page.

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" MasterPageFile="~/Site.master" CodeFile="WebPage2.aspx.cs" Inherits="WebPage2" %>

My Test Page

master page

Now in Solution Explorer right click on the page called WebPage2.aspx and select Set As Start Page. If everything was succesful you will also notice that this page uses the same Master page content.So everything you now change in the Site1.Master will be reflected on the Default and WebPage2.aspx pages. When you add future pages make sure to duplicate the code in WebPage2.aspx and add the html content to your liking.

master page

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