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ASP.NET 4.0 (Active Server Pages): For Advanced users

This page is dedicated to intermediate to advanced users. I created this section to make it easier to navigate to a quick guide such as WCF, MVC, Ajax, etc. This way you are not left helplessly scrolling through an endless amount of information you already know and can get to the important concepts for learning. Although I am still a Junior Developer, I have the ability to pick up stuff very quickly so I figured this page will have its benefits.

Please note that since these pages are still being developed some of the navigational links above will only link to this page until I create the content for them. However I left them there to show you one of the reasons to refer back to this site will be a friendlier interface. That has been my goal as a programmer for years. I always like friendly applications that get you where you need to go. So stay tuned because I promise they are in process.


Ever since its introduction, AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) has been quite a hot comodity. It uses an object called XMLHttpRequest that gives it the build very powerful applications that communicates to a back end server. Because of its flexibility and connection to JavaScript you will discover that some pretty cool stuff can be accomplished with this tool. What is does is provide you will a nifty set of tools that can make your development much less painful.

One of the particular components of AJAX this lesson will pertain to is called the AJAX Control Toolkit. First off though you will need to install this into Visual Studio. Please note that these instructions are for Visual Studio 2010 and may vary depending on the version you are using.

The AJAX Control Toolkit must be downloaded and setup on your system. Please visit this site at Microsoft's site for ASP.NET and follow the download instructions and setup on that page. If everything is successful you should now see the new control you created within the Toolbox in Visual Studio 2010.

Okay apparently there is some problem with using the file called AjaxControlToolkit.dll. I downloaded both versions for 3.5 and .NET 4 and still keep getting dreaded errors. I'm also noticing that some controls are still inaccessible. So this part of the project will be either dumped or delayed. Sorry guys, but there are some bugs in the Ajax software.

However I will be working on the LINQ queries for now instead. Please stand by. I'll keep you posted.

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