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One stop shop for all your Commodore 64 gaming needs

On this page you will find programming game examples and much more!

Welcome to my Website!

I have a new website subdomain you can visit it here

The reason for switching to Wordpress is that I found out through my hosting provider that this old domain is unsecured and that is why Google has deranked it in searches. However, I have made a lot of new changes, organized some content, now has an SSL certificate, and I'm hopeful that my new domain will see better results in the future! Plus it is easier to maintain and there will be summary reviews for my YouTube videos. Check it out!

You are in the right place if you want to learn how to design advanced games on the Commodore 64. Be sure to check out the Google Hangouts information below. We meet once a week on my YouTube channel. The goal of this website is to teach you Basic programming, machine language, how to create sprites, graphics, animation, etc. You can also learn about web design, check out some movies, learn how to hack games, and so on. Check out the menus for more information above. Thank you for stopping by.

You will notice a lot of new changes made for June 2017. I am back at it and have some free time again. I just launched a store which you can access with the Shop link at the top of this page. Also several weeks ago, I launched live on Twitch.tv. There are new YouTube videos now underway for the Atari Altirra emulator with a focus on the MAC/65 machine language compiler. I will be putting together a mini game development series soon. So stay tuned to this website and search me on YouTube under the name Commodore 64 Brain.

Finally, there is also a new Chat Client embedded at the bottom of this page. Go ahead and register and talk to your friends. You may catch me online sometimes too.

Google Hangouts - Machine Language Project - Youtube - Commodore 64 Brain

Google Hangouts is currently on hold until I recruit more people to the project. We had a great leader ("Siggy") for a while, but life got so busy and he had no availability anymore. For a good while after that Darren (Sausage Toes) was working on some amazing sprites. Hopefully it will come back as I found another person interested in the project who has done a lot of work and has his original code examples. You check out the web page for the Machine Language Project here.

Twitch.TV Broadcast on Friday nights at 12:30am weekly

A few weeks ago, I went live on Twitch.tv. Currently I will be alternating weeks between Commodore 64 streams and Atari 800/XL/XE (to satisfy those fans as well). I broadcast using a software tool called OBS Studio. It works great since you can project a camera with dimensions, utilize a game capture device, capture the desktop screen, browser windows, and so much more. It has been the most amazing experience for me yet. Here is the link to my channel. Twitch.Tv - Commodore 64 Brain

You can also support my contributions by clicking on the link above and following me.


I am currently using the Diamond HD Game Capture device . It contains a component video in/out, audio in/out, and even svideo in/out. It has been so instrumental in producing the quality images I have been longing for. Here is a picture of my unit.

I would highly recommend purchasing one of these if you haven't already. It can also be connected to any game console (such as Nintendo, Sega, Wii, Xbox, etc.) for the ultimate graphic experience! I purchased mine locally but you can click here to get yours online today!

Diamond HD Game Capture

New series for the Atari Home Computer - MAC/65

I just recently launched a few videos in June 2017 for Atari Machine Language programming using the Altirra Emulator with the MAC/65 ROM attached. Below is a screenshot of the emulator.

Atari Alitrra

You will learn how to design your own programs and games in due time. Stay tuned as I'll be launching a mini game series very soon. This is going to be so much fun!

1564 SDrive - purchase through eBay now

Pictured below is the SDrive 1564 LCD SD Card Interface. It can be used to copy Commodore 64 programs from your Windows/Apple computer to an SD card. Then you can upload this and play them directly on your Commodore 64 personal computer. It also has a read/write disk copier. This allows you to copy all the files to a directory.

Below I have included two YouTube videos demonstrating this. The last video shows how I was able to retrieve some old Basic programs from my Commodore 64 system and upload them to my desktop to be run in the VICE C64 emulator.

Here is the eBay link if you would like to purchase the item. SDrive 1564

SDrive 1564

I'll try to create a page insert here when I get time. Yet I am busy with many things, including dedication to a full time YouTube channel while still working a 9-5 job. If you can please help me dedicate more time to this website by supporting me through Patreon. Your patronage is highly appreciated and puts me one step closer to my goal of going full time with YouTube and this website which will allow me to create some really professional videos since my time won't be divided. Thank you.

Game walkthrough (new)

I have decided to start creating some walkthroughs for some of the more popular Commodore 64 games. The first one will be Dragon's Lair: Part 1. You can visit that page by clicking here.

The second game in the Dragon's lair series is called Escape from Singe's castle. You can visit that page by clicking here.

dragons lair

Test Drive - It's here!

I have just uploaded the first level for Test Drive, complete with some tips, and screenshots included. This was a favorite game to play on the Commodore 64 back when it was first launched in the late 80s. At that time Test Drive stood above the competitors in graphics, gameplay, and replay value. You can visit that page by clicking here.

test drive

Excel: Mapping the Commodore 64

If you have always wanted to find memory addresses quickly on the Commodore 64, have the ability to look up symbols quickly, find hexadecimal address, and learn more about your system, then you don't want to miss checking out this document. You can download it at my Github page.

mapping commodore 64

Below is a video I created on my YouTube channel when I first launched this project and it was still under construction. It is complete now after months of work.

YouTube - C64 Latest Updates

In this section you can scroll through the videos below to see the latest uploads to my YouTube channel. I will try to keep this updated as often as I can.

Commodore 64 Jukebox/Musical Keyboard

This video is my attempt to create my very first Jukebox. It works by storing keystrokes in arrays that are communicated through a machine language routine that checks the keys against a set of notes entered in memory. It not only play music, but it serves as a musical keyboard as well.

Unboxing disks

I had just received a great eBay order for several books, and two cases of floppy disks, filled with games. I was anxious to share my fortune with YouTube.

Atari SPACE Magazine

This was an older video I found while searching through my older hard drives. The reason it was never originally uploaded was I was having some camera focus issues, and didn't have knowledge of video editing, so I omitted it at the time.

Commodore 64 Very Basic Tutorials

This series introduces concepts you will need to know in order to obtain a good grasp on Basic programming. It covers material from the book C64 User's Manual.

Commodore 64 Reverse Code Engineering

Commodore 64 Machine Language Project

My Computer Journey

Other Commodore 64 various categories

You can also view several other popular videos below on sprites, project examples, VICE C64 Tutorial, My Commodore 64 Story, and My First Game Submission for LoadStar.

Sprites and Screen Saving

This video is a great example of how to load Commodore 64 sprites using the SpritePad tool into Basic. It also demonstrates a redefined, multicolor character set for the display background.

Project Examples

My Commodore 64 Story

My First Game Submission (LoadStar)

This was the very first successful game submission that was received by a disk-magazine company called LoadStar back in 1996. I was paid $350 for a graphical, text-adventure called Quest for the Mad Bomber.

Commodore 64 Dancing Mouse

Relive the days of watching that dancing Commodore 64 sprite across the screen. In the video below I explain how the code works and you can also visit that website tutorial here. This retro program was found in the original book the Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide. I edited the sound code out for simplicity.

Commodore 64 Basic Program Listings

For those who may not know there pages exist on this site where you can view hundreds of C64 programs such as Basic games, machine language games, sound, music, and so much more. Click here. to view that page. Also you can click on any of the pictures below to see that specific page. Enjoy!

Choosing an Emulator for the Atari or Commodore 64

In order to write and run your own Basic or Machine Language programs (games) you will need to download an emulator. For the Atari you can download Altirra. For the Commodore 64/64C you can download WinVICE C64. Watch the video below to learn how to use VICE C64.

VICE C64 Tutorial

Gihub - containing my YouTube downloads

Click on the image below to check out my Github page. You will be then able to download all of the programs I worked on in both Basic and Assembly language.

c# loops

Twitter page for the Commodore 64

Here is a link to my Twitter page. I often include the latest uploads to projects and other things I am working on, such as this website.
c# loops

CBM Prg Studio (Assembly Language Editor)

For the Commodore 64 fans I begun working on a new page for CBM Prg Studio. Click here to view that page.

For those who were following the scrolling game I began working on last year in 2015, I have now included some explanations of how I managed to do this. I hope later to evolve this into a deeper explanation of the code when I get more time. You can view that page here.

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